Charlie Cox’s Rumored Appearances In The MCU: What We Know Till Now. -

Charlie Cox’s Rumored Appearances In The MCU: What We Know Till Now.

 Posted:Sept. 20, 2021, 8:48 a.m.

By: Nikhil

None among the Netflix’s live action Marvel Characters Adaptation is as a big hit as Daredevil. Soon after its debut on Netflix it became a smashing hit. The blind hero, who acts as a Lawyer, Matt Murdock in the day and a Vigilante, Daredevil in the night was played by Charlie Cox. The series ran for three successful seasons on Netflix but was abruptly cancelled because marvel declined to extend the character rights which resulted in rights of tens of characters reverting back to Marvel. Though no explanation was given by the C-suite so as to why this abrupt ending has happened, we can assume that this is because of Disney’s streaming service’s entry into the OTT market and Marvel intending to produce multiple series’ which are slated to stream on Disney+.

Immediately after the cancellation of Daredevil, there was a huge uproar from the fans. An online campaign titled ‘Save daredevil’ was also run by the fans. It was also acknowledged by Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios but there was no response when asked if those characters will be coming into the MCU or if these Netflix shows were a canon to the MCU.

Ever since the third installment of the MCU Spider-Man was announced, many rumors were attached to the movie. Among those super interesting rumors, Charlie Cox’s return as Matt Murdock, reportedly as a lawyer who will represent Peter Parker in the court has elated Marvel Fans. Charlie Cox has denied the rumors of his casting multiple times but it an open secret that Marvel instructs its cast not to reveal spoilers so as to make sure fans get excited when they watch the original content.  He has confirmed, however, that he would love to return to the role should the opportunity arise.

It was reported in the last quarter of 2020 that Charlie will appear only as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Subsequent inside reports have drawn clear picture about the path of Charlie Cox’s involvement in the MCU. It has been recently reported by multiple scoopers that Charlie Cox will appear as Matt Murdock and Daredevil in upcoming Disney+ series’ She Hulk and Echo. All these characters already have had a crossover in the comics. In a She-Hulk comic run by Charles Soule and Javier, there was a cheeky self-referential conversation between Jennifer and Matt Murdock. Despite a friendly relationship outside of their shared profession, She-Hulk and Daredevil unexpectedly lock horns in the courtroom. Despite working on opposing sides, Jennifer and Matt maintain their friendship in the comic. Unlike She Hulk, Echo A.K.A Maya Lopez has a direct connect to the Daredevil. She was raised by one of the villains of Daredevil, Kingpin and also had romance with Matt Murdock in the comics.

All these rumors are certainly exciting for the fans of Daredevil who campaigned hard for the return of the character. 

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