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D23 Expo Marvel Panel: Expected New Announcement Leaks And Few Exclusives

 Posted:Sept. 8, 2022, 7:32 p.m.

By: Nikhil

D23 Expo is back and is bigger than ever before. Much anticipated event will take place from 9th of Sept to 11th of Sept. Hall 23 Marvel panel will happen on Sept 10th at 10 AM PT with Marvel Studios’ President and COO of Marvel, Kevin Feige, taking the stage. After explosive announcements at SDCC’s Hall H later this year, it is expected Marvel will fill gaps in timeline of Phase 6 with Movies and Series’ along will exclusive first looks, trailers and casting announcements. Here are few of the leaks and exclusives of Marvel’s announcements. 


Deadpool’s foray into Marvel Cinematic Universe will be made official with Deadpool 3 Title announcement. Ryan Reynolds might take stage along with director Shawn Levy for this announcement. Cast is also expected to be announced with majority of previous actors returning. 


Fantastic 4 will have director and cast announcements at D23. Matt Shakman who directed Wanda Vision is rumored to be frontrunner with negotiations at final stage. While there have been many casting rumors none have been confirmed for now. Strong rumors suggest that YOU fame Penn Badgley and Free Guy fame Jodie Comer will be cast as Reed Richards and Sue Storm respectively. 


Eternals and Shang Chi will have sequel announcements with cast and crew returning. Despite unsatisfactory box office performance, Academy Award winning director of the original, Chloé Zhao, is expected to return as the director of the sequel. 


The holiday specials, Werewolf by Night and GOTG Holiday Special will have their first looks and titles released with star cast taking the stage. 


Highly anticipated and star-studded Disney+ Marvel series Secret Invasion will have trailer launch in the event. Star cast which includes Emilia Clarke, Samuel Jackson and Olivia Colman are expected to take the stage.  


Nova is expected to be announced as a Disney+ Marvel series along with the cast and crew. Huge star cast is being rumored for this series. 


The Midnight Angels, A spinoff series based on Wakanda will be announced with Black Panther movie series helmer Ryan Coogler acting as executive producer.


Wonder-Man Disney+ Marvel series will be announced along with cast, crew and director. A huge star (Possibly Ryan Gosling) is rumored to play the titular role. 


A clarity of previously announced Armor Wars will be given along with its anticipated release date and first look with Don Cheadle on stage.


The Marvels teaser trailer is also expected to be release with top billed actors Brie Larson and Iman Vellani taking stage. 


Disney+ Marvel series Echo and Iron Heart will have their first looks released. 


Thunderbolts cast and crew announcements with Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, Wyatt Russel’s US Agent and others returning. 


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