Do You Know: VENOM -

Do You Know: VENOM

 Posted:Sept. 21, 2021, 7:07 p.m.

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Do you know the character Venom was created by a Marvel Fan and an avid reader of the Marvel comics, not by any comic book writer? Randy Schueller, A 22-year-old Marvel comics fan pitched this character idea.

In 1980s Marvel comics ran a competition for aspiring writers and artists. Asked them to give their best ideas if they want to upgrade Spidey powers.

Randy Schueller's idea was, What If Reed Richards from Fantastic Four creates the Iconic Black costume for Spider-Man. Reed Richards is one of the smartest people in Marvel universe, so Randy thought Reed should create the Spider-Man Black costume, with the unstable molecules would flow into Peter's pores and allow him to cling to walls better.

Randy in one interview said 'I wanted to Increase the spider abilities by 25% and drew my version of costume idea and submitted it to in a competition'. A few months after submitting the story I received a letter from Jim Shooter saying he liked the idea and wanted to buy it.

So, Marvel’s Editor in Chief Mr. Jim Shooter wrote a letter to Randy in 1982, that he liked the idea and want to buy it for $220. And offered him a chance to write the comic for this character as well if everything goes well.

                                                                           Mr. Jim Shooter's Letter-

That idea of unstable molecules black suit for Spider-Man by Randy in 1980s inspired Marvel comics to create an Alien Symbiote called Venom in the Marvel. Before Appearing completely as Venom in comics, the suit appeared first as an 'Alien costume' in Amazing Spider-Man and Secret wars first.

After appearing as a Symbiote suit in many issues of Spider-Man in Marvel comics, Venom as Venom made his first debut in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #299 (April 1988). He made his complete-with-story debut in the next issue, “The Amazing Spider-Man” #300 (May 1988).

Now that The Carnage coming on 01st October 2021 (15th October 2021 in India), How Carnage came in to existence in comics and what is his rivalry with Venom is a topic for some other time.

Till then enjoy this fun fact: Tom Hardy signed 3 films to reprise the role of Eddie brock means after Venom Let there be Carnage there is one other movie where we will see him as Venom. Just hope that will be against The Spider-Man.

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