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Kate Bishop The Hawkeye

 Posted:Nov. 22, 2021, 1:03 p.m.

By: Mr T

Since we have another Young Avenger making her way to the MCU and getting her Disney+ series even before anyone, we thought of sharing some info about her in this. So who's Kate Bishop the superhero who got the mantle of Hawkeye from the OG Hawkeye Clint Barton. Let's learn about her a bit in this article.






Most of you might have no idea about this but, Kate Bishop isn't a daughter of Hawkeye (Clint Barton). Kate (Katherine Elizabeth Bishop)

Bishop was born in a rich family in Manhattan, New York, and is the younger daughter of a rich Manhattanite businessman called Derek.






Since her father, Derek was an emotionally distant publishing magnet, Kate Bishop used to admire him a lot. Kate has an older sister named, Susan. They are friendly in a way but their ideologies and thinkings were completely different. Kate was more helpful in a way to others.







Kate grew up living herself, lonely, relying on herself every time rather than anyone & with a stubborn personality.


She faced an incident when she was a little kid, one day she saw her dad beating up a person and she started having thoughts about her dad. To check and see further she tried following her dad but rather she caught up with Manuel Eloganto, aka The Matador right after Derek left the place. 





El Matador put her in prison after that but she made an attempt to escape that place but right when one of the members of El Matador tried to catch her an Arrow flew past him as a distraction which helped Kate to escape safely from that place as Avengers came to that place and fought with that villains. 



After that Kate was impressed by the Avengers especially Hawkeye since it was an Arrow that saved her from the member of El Matador. This encounter also established Hawkeye as her new role model since he was the only non-powered Avenger present.



As Kate grew up she was sexually assaulted while walking in Central Park. That incident completely changed her life which motivated her to learn proficiency in swordplay, archery, and martial arts. In the end, one day her training was worth it.






At her sister's wedding, she saved Young Avengers using one of the Patriot's throwing stars. That is the day she officially met Young Avengers for the first time and made her first appearance as a Kate Bishop in the Young Avengers (2005). During that time after that incident, she met Cassie Lang (The Daughter of Ant-Man) for the first time, and eventually, she joined the team along with Cassie Lang. She got her first suit consisted made of her bridesmaid dress from her sister's wedding and various weapons that she took from the avengers, including mockingbird's staves and swordman's sword.



Later, Kate used her father's wealth to get new uniforms for other Young Avengers and also a training base despite Captain America and Iron Man telling them to shut down what they're doing. But she stood up to Captain America about explained how much they need to do training together. After being impressed by her confidence and words Captain America gave her Clint Barton's code name Hawkeye and also his equipment (Bow and Arrows) because clint was dead by that time. 



After a while, Clint comes back from dead because no one dies in the comics. And when Clint confronts her about using his name and his weapons Kate explains to him saying that she did that only to honor him and also it was Captain America who gave her the name Hawkeye and his weapons. 






Then Clint after being noticed Clint finally approves her as a Hawkeye and passes on his legacy to her and later on she will be named an Avenger. 





Now we come to the part of Matt Fraction comic run (Which the show is based on) as we see Kate spends a lot of time with Clint and this is where the bond starts growing more here in this Arc.



Ever since getting cut off by her father, she started her own business with "Hero for Hire" and later she eventually ends up opening up her own office called "Hawkeye Investigations". After that, she leads a new team called "The West Coast Avengers" while she was in California.





During the Secret Invasion when the Skrulls invaded Earth, Kate joined the other Young Avengers and Runaways on the frontlines and found alongside them and during the Seige, Kate along with the other Young Avengers helped rescue the fallen from Asgard. 



During that time Kate and Patriot were briefly trapped under some rumble together, leading to an argument and a kiss and it is said both were dated for a while. This is has been pretty much about Kate Bishop we could provide to you guys in this thread. 



What can we expect from the new TV series?


As Hawkeye, Kate has been a part of many adventures. But since the show also features Jeremy Renner as the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, this is what you should expect. As predicted (and later confirmed by the set photos), this show is based on Matt Fraction and David Aja's popular Hawkeye series from 2012, which chronicles Kate and Clint's team-up featuring Lucky the Pizza Dog. It's also confirmed from the trailers and clips that the Russin Track Suit Dracula or Mafia going to be in the series fighting Clint and Kate. They're most famous for the word using "BRO" a lot during their conversation.









And coming to the other cast there's been also rumors that we will see King Pin in the 5th episode of the series and also Echo (The first-ever deaf Superhero in Marvel Comics) who is also the adopted daughter of King Pin is confirmed to have appeared in the show and have her Disney+ Spinoff series "ECHO" confirmed to be in works.







Also confirming from the Post Credit scenes of the Black Widow movie looks like Yelena is on her way to hunt down Clint Barton since she thought that he's the reason for her sister (Black Widow's Death) as shown by Val. So, as per the scoops Yelena is supposed to appear in the series and she's going to take revenge for her sister's death. 



And in the long run, in future projects, we may also see Kate Bishop teaming up in the Young Avengers or something like Avengers The New Legacy in MCU style like Speed, Wiccan, Patriot, Young Loki, and now Kate, and we have other Young Avengers coming on the way likes of Ms. Marvel, American Chavez and many more.



There's no doubt that the adaption of the Matt Fraction and David Aja's Popular run of the Hawkeye series is going to be amazing. Fans are so excited to see since the street level of MCU is back and it also gives the vibes of the best Street Level Series ever.



Hawkeye Disney+ Series premieres on November 24th with 2 episodes 






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