The Beauty of Wakanda Forever -

The Beauty of Wakanda Forever

 Posted:Nov. 30, 2022, 11:17 a.m.

By: Viswa Kandala

When was the last time a superhero movie made this sense? When was the last time people cheered to the Superhero movie for every minute? When was the last time the story of the movie moved you so much? When was the last time you had tears while watching a movie? When was the last time the performances in the film made everyone speechless?

Wakanda Forever is the purest form of filmmaking, with every scene making sense at all times. The way the story is built with highest intensity, the way the characters progress with the serious writing, the performances throughout the film, the introduction of new characters, the backstory of the antagonist, the conflict between the leads, the dialogues in the film, and the visual treats scattered throughout the film, altogether makes Wakanda Forever one of the best ever Superhero films that ever made. Its been a while marvel delivered a blockbuster with content, Wakanda forever not only delivers but gives immense satisfaction to every superhero lover with its cinematic brilliance.

Marvel took great care to accurately reflect Mexican culture in Namor while creating a movie of such high caliber. Namor is the greatest-written and best-performed character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he will continue to be the best for a very long time. The way he introduces himself, the way he puts his motives with dialogues that gives you literal chills makes him the best antagonist with right motives.

The conflicts between Namor, Shuri, and Ramonda is what gives the movie its striking beauty. Everyone is right in their own way, has their own motivations, and has purposes that make sense. We refer to the movie's handling of the conflicts between the leads as peak cinema.

Putting all this brilliance aside, the touching respect they paid to Chadwick further works to elevate this movie. He is the focal point of the movie and follows us all the way through, letting us mourn his passing, remember him, and cherish all his lovely moments.

Finally, Wakanda forever is the story that needs to be told at this moment and gives the right push and motivation for the future of MCU.


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