The Rise Of Marvel In India -

The Rise Of Marvel In India

 Posted:Oct. 3, 2021, 10:59 a.m.

By: Viswa Kandala

Cinema plays a very important role in inspiring, educating, and it also has both good and bad influence on people. In a country like India, where cinema is the biggest medium of entertainment, the impact it creates on people can be more than that of other countries. India is where people take cinema to their hearts, they celebrate their movies and worship their heroes. Every time a good cinema comes it transcends every boundary and every constraint with in the country and gets unconditional love from its people.

Coming to the genre of Superheroes, this sure holds a very special place in every 90’s kids' heart who has grown watching the animated shows of spider-man, Batman, X-Men etc. which they adore, and when their childhood superheroes Batman and Spider-man got the live action adaptions, the reception from audience was fantastic. The success of both trilogies has created a good foundation for superhero movies in India.

But when it comes to ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe' the success didn’t come easy for them in India, their first film “Iron Man” might be a big hit worldwide, but when it hit screens in 2008, particularly in India the reception was not very encouraging when compared to the trilogies mentioned above. Superheroes like Captain America, Thor also were not well known in this part of the world hence the impact was less here for them too.

And then comes ‘The Avengers’, MCU’s first ensemble of Superheroes. Which didn’t just change the game all around the world but also turned the tides for Marvel Cinematic Universe in India as well. ‘The Avengers' is probably the first film in live action superhero movies, where superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor were introduced first with their origin stories with interconnected storyline and then brought together to share the screen space in one film to save the world.

A Mega Event film which many others tried to copy but couldn’t succeed till date. This film became such talk of the town in India that Superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye who were not known to Indian Population, became household names after the release of this movie, its success was the first step for Marvel to reach a billion hearts with their MCU movies.

The undeniable fact is The Avengers made the people in India explore the other superheroes of marvel besides spider-man. From Then to Now, there has been no turning back for marvel superheroes. Every movie that came from marvel studious after The Avengers became a HIT, people started discussing the presence of Superheroes like Ant Man too who except for comic book nerds is unknown in this part of the world until his origin story from Marvel released.

People discussing a movie or a character of the film is not a big deal it happens all the time, but people discussing a movie from a foreign land, going crazy over unknown superheroes from every corner of the country is what makes marvel movies so special in India. It is not very easy to make people fall in love with these movies as they do not belong to Culture we all grew up in here, but the beauty of marvel is that these films broke that stereotype and created history.

People of this country owned Marvel so much that, every small town in every state from every corner of the country have houseful boards for Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Online ticket booking portals like BookMyShow and Paytm have actually crashed when they opened tickets for these films.

Avengers endgame had 85% occupancy in Indian Movie Theatres even in small towns which was unheard for a Hollywood film. The euphoria and madness matched the Indian top grossing film Baahubali. It has come to a point that the appearance of Marvel logo on screen bringing smiles, claps, cheers and Whistles from the audience here.

Now, Marvel Movies are not just any other Hollywood movies for Indians, they are events, they became another medium for the people of this country to go to theatres as a community and forget all their tensions and just have a great time, because they started Trusting Marvel, They know that when they go to a Marvel movie they will get the happiness worth every penny they spent on those tickets. Brand Marvel has earned that Trust which is not an easy task.

Personally, we have witnessed how These movies directly/indirectly helped so many people become a better version of themselves. Be it Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, so many of our friends saw these movies with subtitles first, now after 25 movies of this Marvellous Universe some of them writing articles about the Impact Marvel Movies on the Sub continent. And many who were introduced to Hollywood cinema because of Marvel movies are Now exploring other content from all around the world.

Marvel and Us have grown together some of us since the Comics Era, Some of us with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy and Some since the release of Iron Man in 2008. And as Vision says to Wanda This is that Home Marvel created for all of us ‘To Grow Old In’.

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